Students who have scored grades between C and D- will be allowed to apply for Re-sit of the examination (for the affected subjects). This provision is subjected to the students having scored at least 50% of the mark for the coursework component (i.e. if the allocated Total Carry Mark is 60% of the Total Mark, a student must attain at least half of this, that is, 30% to qualify). Otherwise the said students will have to Re-Take the subject at the next available opportunity.

If a student fails to fulfill the requirements above the said student must secure the support of his/her lecturer to enable him/her to be considered by the Academic Division to re-sit paper(s) for the affected subject(s). In this case, the decision of the Academic Division is final and not subject to further appeal.

A Re-Sit fee of RM50.00 (per subject) will be payable for each subject approved for re-sit.
An online form has been made available for this process. Please ensure that you have paid the required Re-sit Fee before registering via this form.

For each subject that an applicant wishes to apply for re-sit, a separate online submission will have to be made. However, the re-sit fee for multiple subjects will be acceptable as a lump sum payment.