Students Evaluation of Teaching Survey

It is obligatory for all students of TPM College to participate in Teaching Evaluation Survey in order for the College to understand and to take steps in providing and improving on the teaching-learning it is offering. 

Hence ALL students are required to show proof of participation in the relevant forms so that they are able to enjoy speedier services from the various administrative departments of the College.

The Evaluation of Teaching Survey for Fall 2010 semester is now opened for students' participation. As usual, ERS for examination will only be available for students who have participated in this survey (for all the subjects they have enrolled in).

To participate in this survey, you will need to obtain a Survey Code please click here to access these codes in a separate window.

The survey is anonymous in nature and apart from the proof of participation, you will not be asked to provide your full names, full student ID etc. no one except for the Head of Academic Division and staff authorised by him will have access to the raw data. The lecturers are only given access to the aggregated results and not individual entries.

There are two different forms for this survey, Degree and Diploma students will need to use separate forms designed for each programme.

For students studying in our Degree Programs, please use this form.

For students studying in our Diploma Programs, please click this link to access the appropriate form.

NOTE: You are required to complete a separate survey form for EACH subject that you are enrolled in.

Thanks for your participation!

(Both survey forms are "live" since 23 November 2010,  please obtain your survey code before attempting the survey. The Evaluation of Teaching survey closes on 3rd December 2010 . Students who HAVE NOT participated in BOTH the Evaluation of Teaching Survey and Pre-enrollment Process will not be able to obtain their ERSs.)