Accreditation of CalPoly, Pomona's Engineering degrees by ABET

 Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET) is the authority in the USA to accredit  engineering & technology degrees conferred by institutions in the USA. All the engineering degrees listed in ABET's website are accredited and recognised in the USA, including those awarded by CalPoly, Pomona.

With the 
signing of Malaysia of the Washington Accord  (  in August 2009, there should be mutual recognition of engineering qualifications by the  Board of Engineers Malaysia of ABET accredited engineering qualifications. 

Further information on the Washington Accord can be found 

Any enquiries relating to the recognition of engineering degrees from overseas by the Board of Engineers Malaysia should be directed to the BEM. This link (  provides a good explanation of BEM's positions on this matter.

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  • These lists show the programs accredited as of October 1,2009, by the Engineering Accreditation Commission(EAC), the Computing Accreditation Commission(CAC), the Technology Accreditation Commission(TAC) or the Applied Science Accreditation Commission(ASAC).
  • To view programs recognized under the Washington Accord, please make the following selections: 
    Accredited by: Engineering (EAC) and Country : United States
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Accredited Programs
 California State Polytechnic University, Pomona ,CA, United States   Website link
CommissionAccredited ProgramDate of Next General Review
Computing (CAC)Computer Science(BS)[1994]2014-2015
Engineering (EAC)Aerospace Engineering(BS)[1970]2011-2012
Engineering (EAC)Chemical Engineering(BS)[1972]2011-2012
Engineering (EAC)Civil Engineering(BS)[1970]2011-2012
Engineering (EAC)Computer Engineering(BS)[2004]2011-2012
Engineering (EAC)Electrical Engineering(BS)[1970]2011-2012
Engineering (EAC)Geospatial Engineering option in Civil Engineering(BS)[1994]2011-2012
Engineering (EAC)Industrial Engineering(BS)[1976]2011-2012
Engineering (EAC)Manufacturing Engineering(BS)[1988]2011-2012
Engineering (EAC)Mechanical Engineering(BS)[1970]2011-2012
Technology (TAC)Construction Engineering Technology(BS)[1976]2011-2012
Technology (TAC)Electronic(s) and Computer Engineering Technology(BS)[1976]2011-2012
Technology (TAC)Engineering Technology(BS)[1976]2011-2012