Class Schedule for Spring 2009

We will provide class schedule for the Spring 2009 semester here, while every effort has been made to have the information provided here to be up to date,  please refer to the notice board for announcements on any current changes.

The schedule is presented using some abbreviations which are explained below:
"BBT-2009-01" stands for Bachelor of Science Biotechnology, Spring 2009 cohort,
"BME-2008-10" stands for B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Fall 2008 cohort.
"DCNC-2007-06" stands for Diploma in Computer Numerical Control, Summer 2007 cohort.
etc. etc.

"BBA" stands for B.S. Business Administration.
"DBS" stands for Diploma in Business Studies.
"DCC" stands for Diploma in Corporate Communication.
"DEE" stands for Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

The class schedule is organized by the Cohort. It does not means that students are restricted in taking the subjects listed in their respective cohort.

The need to have the full data is that it will allow students who are enrolling for subjects outside the recommended list in their respective cohort will be able to check for any clashes in their schedule.

It is the responsibility of the students to check the published schedule to ensure that they are enrolling in the correct subjects and that they have fulfilled all the pre-requisites (or any other conditions) prior to enrollment.

While the College will do its best to fit in the needs of the students it reserves the right to make changes to these schedule as and when necessary.

If there is a clash of class schedule for subjects enrolled by students, the students are advised to consult the Academic Administration immediately for advice. In cases where there is not a possibility to re-arrange the class schedules that are clashing, the students must decide on whether to drop one or more subjects before the ADD/Drop period is over. Otherwise the students' GPA (and CGPA) will be affected.

The full schedule of classes for Spring 2009 is available here.