Exam Registration

Registration For Examination
Students should complete the process of registering for examination to obtain the necessary Examination Registration Slip (ERS) from the Registry during the stated period for each semester. Below are the grounds for which students will be barred from Examinations: -

Grounds For Barring Students From Examination
  1. 80% Attendance Rule: students will need to attain at least 80% attendance of classes for a subject to be eligible to sit for their final examination. Beginning Summer 2009 semester, this "80% Attendance Rule" will be strictly enforced. Only those students who have secured Leave of Absence or can provide valid justifications (on medical ground only, with valid supporting document) will be considered for an exemption from this rule. No appeal on other grounds will be accepted by the Academic Division for exemption from this rule.

  2. Non-registration for a subject(s): students who fail to register for a subject prior to the ADD/DROP deadline will not be allowed to take their final examination for that subject(s). The Academic Division will not entertain any late request for registration for a subject (or subjects) beyond the stated deadline.  Students who have failed to settled their financial obligations to the College will not be allowed to enroll for a new semester and such students will automatically be excluded from attending the classes for which they wish to register unless special clearance is obtained from the Finance Department of the College. Henceforth, if a student's name does not appear on the registered students list for a subject one week after the ADD/DROP deadline, the said students will be asked to leave the college premises unless he/she has received a special clearance from the College's Finance Department.

There have been cases where students who wanted to withdraw or drop a subject failed to submit the relevant application forms way after the appropriate deadlines (for Add/Drop or Withdrawal). From Summer 2009 semester onwards, the College will not entertain any late requests in this nature and students who have not Dropped or Withdrawn from the affected subject(s) will be deemed to have taken the subject(s) and the relevant details will be reflected in the calculation of their CGPA accordingly. If the said student is unable to fulfill 80% or more in attendance he/she will still be barred from taking the final examination for that subject.