Cheating in Assessment

The College takes a serious view towards cases of cheating in assessment. By cheating, we include those caught cheating during examination, plagiarism (copying and representing other's work as your own) and other related unacceptable behavioural manifestations such as the use of mobile phone during examination sessions.

Students caught cheating in any assessment will be given a "Fail" grade for the particular subject for the specific piece(s) of assessment . Apart from being given a recorded warning, the said student will be subject to expulsion from the College should he/she repeat this behaviour during the remaining period of his/her studies.

All students are advised to adhere to all the rules and regulations pertaining to the assessment framework of the College.

The Academic Committee's Disciplinary Board will hear each cheating case and provide its findings to the Chairman of the Academic Committee who will act accordingly. No appeal from students will be entertained after the finding of the Disciplinary Board has been concluded.