Examination Matters

This sub-site deals with Examination Matters such as registration for examination, probation, academic performance & funding issues, grading system, how to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) etc.

The examination policy of the College, examination rules and guidelines will also be posted here on a gradual basis.

While the College does its best to provide information on funding matters (related to academic performance) such information should be treated as "for information" purposes only and students are advised to seek the most current policies and guidelines from the funding agencies own source diretly.

Students should take note of the followings:
1. Examination Registration: what needs to be done, the rules and regulations.
2. Academic Dishonesty: what will happen if you are caught cheating.
3. Re-check: Information on Appeal to Re-check Answer Script.
4. Re-sit: Information on re-sit examination
6. How to Calculate GPA & CGPA.

Examination Result

Fall2010 Examination Result:

Re-Sit Registration

*Deadline : 28 January 2011