Pre-enrollment Spring2011

The Spring 2011 Pre-enrollment Process, is only available via the Online Pre-enrollment Form (separate forms are used for students in the B.S. (2+2) Degree Programs & those in the Diploma Programs). BNU students and students in the Foundation Programs are exempted the Pre-enrollment Process, all other students are obliged to adhere to this process accordingly. 
Students are reminded that they must fulfill the pre-requisites for the subjects prior to choosing the said subjects in this Online Pre-enrollment process.

For subjects not found in the tentative lists below, please use the online petition form which will be opened for responses after the pre-enrollment deadline. Petitions from any student who has not completed the Evaluation of Teaching Survey WILL NOT be entertained.

The tentative lists of subjects available are provided below:

spring 2011

For B.S. (2+2) Degree students, please access your  Online Pre-Enrollment Form by clicking here.
For Diploma students, please access your Online Pre-Enrollment Form by clicking here.