Online Pre-enrollment / Pre-registration (for Degree students only)

For Summer 2009 Pre-enrollment Process, we are only geared up for Degree students to complete this process online. Degree students will not need to fill up the normal form for the Pre-enrollment Process but instead will only be able to complete the Pre-enrollment Process entirely online and submission WILL NOT be accepted by the Admission Office.

Instructions: Degree students must fill in all the compulsory fields of the form before submission. Please PRINT OUT a copy of your completed online submission form to be verified by the College. Ensure that you have satisfied all the requirements (including pre-requisites) or are in the process of doing so before choosing a subject.

The online submission form is meant to be used once by each student for each Pre-enrollment Process per semester. If you have made any mistakes in this respect, please indicate this to the College's Academic Administration when you present your hardcopy of this form for verification.

Pre-enrollment / Pre-registration Form - TPM College