Pre-enrollment-Summer 2009

This process has been closed since late April 2009. The information contained here is meant for helping students to better understand and be prepared for the Pre-enrollment process for the Fall 2009 semester. Please check back by late July 2009 when we will open up pre-enrollment process again. Thanks.

Important Instructions for the Pre-enrollment Process:

1. Pre-enrollment period: From 4th Mar 09 to 3rd Apr 09
2. Check that you have fulfilled all the pre-requisites before deciding on enrollment of a particular subject.
3. Complete the Pre-enrollment form with the inclusion of ALL the necessary details (including Student ID, Program, etc.) and submit to Admission Office (Ground Floor) before the deadline. (DEGREE Students: please refer to the information at the base of this page on online submission).
4. This is a mandatory process and ALL students are expected to comply with this requirement in order to secure their enrollment     and their choice of subjects.

5. The final decision on the offer of subjects lies with the College and the acceptance of the pre-enrollment applications is by no means a guarantee of the selected subjects being offered by the College.
6. The Pre-enrollment process does not substitute for the Course Enrollment Procedure. Students MUST carry out the Course Enrollment Procedure at the start of the SummerSemester during the enrollment period (From 25th May 09 to 5th Jun 09) to secure subjects of their choice.
7. Students who failed to complete the pre-enrollment process will be compelled by the College to take whichever subjects that are assigned to them by the College.
8. The Pre-enrollment Process is NOT APPLICABLE to students on the BNU-TPM Programs.

The information on the subjects available in the Pre-enrollment Process for Summer 2009 is contained in a Google Document. All together 4 lists are published:
a) Degree (Confirmed) - a list containing subjects confirmed to be offered.
b) Degree (Tentative) - a list of subjects which the College may offer subject to sufficient enrollment.
c) Diploma (Confirmed) - a list containing subjects confirmed to be offered.
d) Diploma (Tentative) - a list of subjects which the College may offer subject to sufficient enrollment.
Please click here to access this document (a separate window will open for you to access the document).

For subjects that a student wish to take but are not offered on either the Confirmed or Tentative list of the relevant program, he/she will need to make an appeal in writing to the College accordingly.
The College will consider each appeal carefully before making a final decision on each appeal. The appeal needs to be made by 4th May 09. The College reserves the right to decide on the final list of subjects to be offered for each program.

For the Summer 09 semester, we are conducting online Pre-enrollment /Pre-registration Process for DEGREE Students ONLY. Diploma students should continue to use the manual system and refrain from making any online submissions.

The link for online submission for DEGREE Students only is found below.