Petition Process For A Subject To Be Offered

If a subject that a student requires is not offered in any semester, the College provides a Petition Process in which the student can petition for the said subject to be offered for that semester.

Basic Terms and Conditions of Petition:
1. To be economically viable, the College will need to have at least 15 students to register for the said subject.
2. The petitioned subject will be taken out of the ADD/DROP process and all students who are party to the Petition Process of a subject are deemed to have registered for that subject and are not allowed to DROP the subject later.
3. A "PETITION FORM" has been produced for students to initiate the petition process. The petitioner is required to fill in all the details (including the names etc. of the participants he/she has recruited to take up the petitioned subject) using the online form. A copy of this filled form should be
printed prior to hitting the "Submit" button.
4. The College reserves the right to decide on whether to offer a subject being petitioned. No further appeal from students will be entertained.
No formal response will be given by the College on the petition, if the said petition is granted, the relevant subject(s) will be appended to the list of subjects to be offered for the said semester.
6. The petitioner and all students who joined him/her in the online petition process agree to abide by all the terms and conditions listed above.

7. Please use a separate entry for each subject which you are petitioning. And it may be good to check with your fellow students if any of them have already done their petition for the same subject.
8. Students in the final stage of their studies who may not be able to perform pre-enrollment (due to their required subjects not being available) are exempted from the pre-enrollment process as the pre-requisite to the Petition Process. All other students MUST complete the Pre-enrollment Process before attempting to make any petition. ALL petitioners must show evidence of their participation in the Online Teaching Evaluation Survey to qualify for the Petition Process.

Online Petition