Registration Processes

To enable a student to attend classes for a subject, he/she needs to enroll in the said subject. Although this is obvious, there are students who for reasons known only to themselves have not registered till just before the examination registration exercise has ended. Hence students will have to adhere to the processes and deadlines below:
1. Pre-registration: all students must complete this exercise to enable the College in planning for the subjects that it will offer in the following semester. Failure to perform this may result in the subjects required by the student (who failed to pre-register) not being made available.

2. Add/Drop: any one not in the final registered list of students 1 week after Add/Drop period has ended WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to attend classes. Those not on the registered list of students for a class will not be allowed to take any assessment or final examination. Appeals from those not registered for whatever reasons WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED by the College.

3. Withdrawal: students may elect to withdraw from a class but must do so before the last day for withdrawal.

Academic Program Plan(APP) & Pre-requisites

Often academic subjects will have the need for prior knowledge of certain topics or even an entire subjects for the students to have the ability and readiness to take on a more advanced academic subject.

Students who have not cleared (passed with the required grade) these pre-requisites (some times there could be more than one) or co-requisites (where 2 different subjects are to be taken together) will have difficulties following the advanced subjects. As such those who have not successfully completed the pre-requisites (or co-requisites) WILL NOT be permitted to enroll for the intended subject.

The subject listing for each of our programs and the pre-requisites (co-requisites) are made available via this site.

Subjects offered

The subjects offered for current & the next semester are found here.
  • Subjects offered for Fall 2010 (final lists)

Pre-enrollment of subjects

The College carries out the process of pre-enrollment (or pre-registration) for the it to be able to plan and finalise subjects that need to be offered at each semester.

Students are mandated to submit their pre-enrolment forms before the respective deadlines which shall be published. They should plan their studies and pre-enroll according to their study plan. It is the responsibility of the students to ensure that they are qualified to enrol for a particular subjects and that they have fulfilled any pre-requisite(s) for that subject.

A provisional list of available subjects will be published prior to the pre-enrollment exercise and all students are deemed to have consulted this list prior to making their subject selections.

From Sept 2009 onwards, pre-enrollment will be done entirely electronically for students in degree and diploma programmes.

BNU and Foundation students are exempted from this process but are required to complete the Teaching Evaluation Survey.

Petition for subject to be offered

Students have an avenue to request for a subject to be offered if this has not been included in the list of subjects to be offered as made available before the Pre-enrollment Process.

The Petition Process is open around the same time as the Pre-enrollment Process to cater to this particular need of students.