Procedure For Application For Credit Transfer

posted Nov 17, 2009, 5:10 PM by YN Chow   [ updated Nov 28, 2009, 3:58 AM ]
There has been confusion over the proper procedure for students to apply for credit transfer into programmes that they are enrolled in at TPM College. And there have been many cases of students applying for credit transfer only towards the end of their studies thereby complicating the academic administrative processes at the College. This notice serves to provide the procedure and processing details to students for application for credit transfer.

1. Credit transfer is accepted for all new students upon registration and enrollment.

2. Existing students will have up to 2 semesters (from the time of first enrollment ) to apply for credit transfer. This rule shall apply to students from Fall 2009 intake onwards.

3. Applications must be made on the standard Credit Transfer form and must be submitted to the Academic Administration Office (Puan Intan or Puan Ilyana) before the Last Day to Withdraw for each semester. After this deadline, applications for credit transfer will not be accepted for the current semester and students will have to re-submit in the following semester.

4. All relevant supporting documentation must be submitted together with the application form and full details (including student's signature, mobile phone number & email address) must be given.

5. If the documentation is in order, normally it will take  about 5 - 6 working days for the process to complete. Academic Administration Office will email students on the results of their application. The relevant records will be amended accordingly by the Registry within 1 - 2 working days after the decision is made by the Academic Administration Office. A copy of the processed application form will be returned to students accordingly.

6. Incomplete application form & applications without complete supporting documents will not be accepted by the Academic Administration Office.

7. The timeline stated in (5) above will be applicable in situations whereby applications for credit transfer are made on "standard" public examinations such as SPM, A levels, STPM or Metrikulasi results. If the credit transfer application is made on credits earned at other institutions of higher learning or other overseas qualifications, the time taken to assess the application will depend on the information provided and in reference to standard guidelines by MQA.