Pre-enrollment / Pre-registration for Fall 2009 Semester is OPEN

posted Jul 26, 2009, 11:55 PM by YN Chow   [ updated Aug 17, 2009, 6:32 PM ]
NOTE: students who fail to complete this Pre-enrollment Process and the Teaching Evaluation Survey before the respective dealines WILL NOT be able to obtain their ERS.

This is to inform all students that the pre-enrollment process for Fall 2009 semester is now open.

Both Degree and Diploma students will be using the Online Pre-enrollment Process from now on, but on separate online forms.

Physical copies of the Pre-registration Form have been withdrawn from the Admission Office and the College will not process any Pre-registration submission that is not done via the online system.

Please visit this site for further information. The Pre-enrollment Process is open from 27th July 2009 till 26th August 2009. All students are mandated to participate in this process.

If a subject that you intend to take in Fall 2009 is not scheduled to be offered, you are advised to proceed to the online Petition Process.