Information on Application to Re-sit A Subject

posted Oct 6, 2009, 8:56 PM by YN Chow   [ updated Oct 19, 2009, 6:35 PM ]
Please be reminded that the deadline for the submission of a request to re-sit a subject is 3pm, Fri 30 Oct 09.

The Academic Division will close the online submission process at the deadline and will not entertain any further requests.

Dr. Chow YN
20 Oct 09

Students who have scored grades between C and D- will be allowed to apply for Re-sit of the examination (for the affected subjects). This provision is subjected to the students having scored at least 50% of the marks for the coursework component (i.e. if the allocated Total Carry Mark is 60% of the Total Mark, a student must attain at least half of this, that is, 30% to qualify). Otherwise the said students will have to Re-Take the subject at the next available opportunity.

If a student fails to fulfill the requirements above the said student must secure the support of his/her lecturer to enable him/her to be considered by the Academic Division to re-sit paper(s) for the affected subject (s). In this case, the decision of the Academic Division is final and not subjected to further appeal.

A Re-Sit fee of RM50.00 (per subject) will be payable for any student approved to take a re-sit.

Requests for Re-Sit will be opened till the deadline (for examinations conducted in Summer 2009) which is: 3pm, Fri, 30th Oct 2009.

An online form has been made available for this process. Please click here to access this form.

Decisions on the applications will be conveyed to students (via email only) within 2 weeks of submission or on/before the deadline above.

For each subject that an applicant wishes to apply for re-sit, a separate online submission will have to be made. However, the re-sit fee for multiple subjects will be acceptable as a lump sum payment.