Closing of Pre-enrollment Process for Fall 2009 Semester

posted Aug 28, 2009, 2:26 AM by YN Chow
To all students:
The Pre-enrollment Process for Fall 2009 semester shall end at 4:30 pm, 2nd Sept 2009. Any student who has not performed this obligatory process WILL BE DISQUALIFIED from taking the final examination.

On 2nd Sept 2009, the online submission form will stop accepting entries from 4:30 pm onwards. No appeal will be entertained after this deadline.

BNU students and those degree students who have made the efforts to seek our advice are exempted from this requirement.
But ALL students are mandated to take part in the Teaching Evaluation Survey which shall end on 4:30 pm, 11th Sept 2009, in order to secure the release of their ERS.