Changes To The Arrangement For Re-sit Examination

posted Apr 20, 2010, 1:56 AM by YN Chow   [ updated Apr 20, 2010, 2:02 AM ]


For the Examination Diet for the Summer 2010 semester, the College is changing its re-sit examination arrangement.  

The changes are as follows: 

  1. There will not be a separate re-sit examination diet (which usually had been carried out 3 - 5 weeks into the following semester).
  2. Re-sit papers will only be offered during the next available examination diet.
 All other qualifying conditions for re-sit examination shall remain the same. 


What is the effect of this? 

  1. Students who have failed will have more time to study for the re-sit examination.
  2. Those who are in the penultimate semester will have to plan their studies well in advance. The College will consider appeals from students so long as they have their mentor's or lecturer's endorsement. Appeals should be in the form of a letter addressed to the Head of Academic Division.
 Students will be informed of the relevant deadlines to register for re-sit examination through notice boards and online notices.

These changes shall only be implemented for the Summer 2010 Examination Diet onwards.